Dec 04, 2013

Happy Winter!

Greetings friends and happy winter!

First of all, thank you all so much for all of the kindness and support you have shown surrounding us being in the family way. May’s pregnancy is going well and she is healthy and strong at 26 weeks! We are keeping busy with lots of shows this month, from the Yellow Barn in Ann Arbor, to Martini’s in Kalamazoo, to the Circuit in Traverse to our annual Bliss solstice show in Petoskey to our annual Wealthy Theatre New Year’s Eve concert in Grand Rapids with the Starlight Six, and many sweet stops in between. We will pause in remembrance and light fires in the darkness and we will celebrate holy days with friends and family we treasure. We have lots of news to share with you!

May has been writing up a storm lately and she is heading into the studio in early January to make a new record. Her Kickstarter campaign is just over the halfway point. Click here to learn more about this special new project.

And Seth has been working away on his new body of work in Kalamazoo. Check out some photos by John Hanson of Seth recording all the parts on a new song, “Beyond the Beyonda” at Ian Gorman’s La Luna studios. John also shot footage for a music video.

We’ve had some special recordings up our sleeve for quite some time now and we are thrilled to announce that they are ready to share with you! We have a special holiday download card for sale releasing two new songs produced by Tyler Duncan! We have always loved sharing music with Tyler Duncan and have been fans of his from the early days as teenagers at Michigan music festivals to his work with millish and My Dear Disco/Ella Riot to his studio magic as a producer and sideman. After years of discussing a formal studio collaboration we finally booked a session to record two songs together. Trevor Hobbs from Breathe Owl Breathe was included and on October 31st, 2012 the four of us met in costume and created a new realm together, recording two songs that were very special to us: Seth’s “We Can Change (Our Own Minds)” and May’s “Siren Song”. There was a great deal of mutual respect, reverence and magic in the air that day that has carried through. After overdubs, mixing and mastering, the songs are now finished and ready to share. "We Can Change (Our Own Minds)" and "Siren Song" are available for pre-release via this special limited edition holiday greeting card with download code. Big ups to Brad Kik from Island for designing the artwork.

These songs will be officially released on a special bag of Higher Grounds coffee (!) to benefit in early January, the first in a series of seasonal fundraising collaborations with Higher Grounds, and they will also be available in the Earthwork digital store. They’ll be available to the world on iTunes in early February. For now, you can send them to a loved one as a holiday gift via Earthwork Music. We are planning to get together with Tyler and Trevor next fall to continue this collaboration. For now, these two songs are here for your ears. They are very special to us and we hope they help fuel the good work that you do.

We Can Change/Siren Song timeline:
Now: Full color holiday card with download code
January 6th: "Power Shift", a Higher Grounds coffee fundraiser for
February 5th: available everywhere

On the subject of good work, we are honored to be a part of the Bob Russell Resilience Reading Project, a new collaborative opportunity for us to read the books on Bob’s carefully curated list and engage in discussions and actions surrounding their themes. This winter’s book is Michael Pollan’s “Cooked”. Bob (a.k.a. Captain Blackheart) was one of our heroes and dear friends and he was a visionary leader who left a great legacy behind in Northern Michigan. We are fortunate to have had clear direction from the Captain about which books to read to understand the depth and importance of Resilience.

On the solstice, we will be lighting candles and listening to Pat Carroll’s masterpiece, “Glow in the Dark”. We invite you to do the same.

The new year will find us slowing down and taking more time off as the baby’s arrival draws near. We will be releasing new music and starting new projects as we carry on with the Earth-work we do. Thank you for all of your support this year and through the years. It has been quite a journey already and we wouldn’t be musicians without you! Our heart belongs to you! Blessings and love to you all.

Seth and May

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