Jul 18, 2012

Weekend Gigs

Hopefully you're staying cool! We just celebrated May's Dad's birthday kayaking on the cool pine river! It was a glorious day and the water was so inviting! We had a wonderful time at Blissfest and are feeling the full swing of summertime.

We try really hard to only fill your inbox once a month, but we wanted to make sure you knew about these gigs this weekend!

Friday July 20th
Fennville Farmer's Market
Fennville, MI
Seth and May with Michael Shimmin 5-7pm

Friday July 20th (evening)
Salt of the Earth
Fennville, MI
Seth and May with Michael Shimmin 10pm

Saturday July 21st
Founder's Brewery
Grand Rapids, MI
Seth and May with Michael Shimmin 7pm-8pm
THEN... Eastern Blok
and THEN Lindsay Lou and the Flatbellys Album release concert!
ALL under one roof! Great music, great times!

Sunday, July 22nd
Coyote Crossings
Hoxeyville, MI
Airborne or Aquatic 7pm

We hope to see you there!

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