Jun 04, 2012

May's Kickstarter - the Long Way Home

May Erlewine has been working on a new album! The album is called The Long Way Home and we are so excited to share it with all of you. Before we can do that, we need your help! By donating to this kickstarter you are helping us to get this collection of songs out into the world and that's not all...

In February 2012, May Erlewine set aside three weeks to give life to a new batch of songs. The piano in the Heart Center studio was tuned, the amps were lined up, guitars out of the cases, rosin on the bows. The microphones were set, the cords were run, the sounds were ready to be captured and the writing and ideas were finally going to fly off of the pages and become songs. This wasn't the first time May had set about recording her songs on her own, but it was the first time she was going to capture the sounds in this way.

In November 2012, Seth and May took out a loan to acquire updated recording equipment. This equipment would not only offer them the opportunity to record and archive their music in a very high quality way, but to explore the fresh and vibrant realms of their music and muses without leaving home! This equipment has been a gift of freedom and it means more music and collaboration from the duo. Pro Tools offers endless options and is the preferred and most widely used recording program. The Long Way Home was the very first album May has recorded with this new gear and this new learning curve. The profit from this album will go directly towards paying off the loan for this invaluable equipment. By offering your support to this project you are supporting a lifetime of documenting Seth and May's music and an amazing opportunity for them to learn to use this inspiring and functional tool.

The experience of being both engineer and musician was very exciting for May as she explored and experimented with what things "sounded like". After the basic tracks were finished May was honored to have a few special guests on the album. Her husband Seth Bernard overdubbed his beautiful and tasty guitar and his sweet voice joined his wife on some choruses. Michael Shimmin overdubbed drums and offered his inspired rhythms and also patiently worked to learn parts. A cast of musical characters from far and wide offer tracks in an online collaboration and contribution to the song We Are Powerful. The album will make it's way to our amazing engineer and dear friend Ian Gorman for final mixing, mastering and magical reinforcement.

If the goal is reached by the deadline, the album should be released in mid-June, 2012. The $6,000 will be used to finish mixing and mastering the album and to duplicate the album at stumptown printers, a social and environmentally conscious worker owned collective.

This record is May Erlewine's sixth full length album and you'll find new sounds and stories wrapped in this exploration of the heart. You will hear the journey building on recordings of the past and pushing forward into a new time, into this time. Her writing reflects on the pain and suffering of the world and offers a thimble of hope and a landscape of sounds as you take the long way home.

Thank you so much for your support.


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