Apr 12, 2012

April showers bring May flowers

Hello everyone, it\'s good to be back in Michigan. We had a wonderful trip out West, visiting the Portland area. We enjoyed lots of quality time with Seth\'s Mom and Sisters and our nephew Luke in the city and on the beautiful Oregon coast. Our shows were really fun and the rooms were filled with wonderful people, old friends and new. And lots of Michiganders. In our travels we have observed that Michigan\'s chief export is undoubtedly cool people. Thanks again to everyone that came out to support us, with such a warm welcome, Portland really is a home away from home and we look forward to our next sojourn to the great Northwest!

We left a brown and muddy farm, only to come back to green grass, daffodils and budding trees. And morels, we hear. Now that we\'re back and settled in we\'ve been doing our springtime thing... cleaning, organizing, taxes, basketball, juicing and overdubs! May wrote and recorded her new (as yet untitled) album by herself in February and this month, her cleanly shaven husband and Mr. Michael Shimmin are going to add their parts and finish the tracking. In May, Ian Gorman is going to mix it and we\'re hoping to release the album digitally in June! We may launch a kickstarter to support physical duplication, stay tuned.

And there are MORE releases to keep your eye out for in June...

We are almost ready to release the second installment of material from our Ethiopia inspired sessions last year. It is a continuation of our journey to the continent of the sun.

And get ready! Bob Bernard and Kailin Yong\'s record is almost finished and it is so beautiful. \"Harvest Queen\" is an album of waltzes, old and new, played from the heart with rustic elegance. The official CD release concert is on June 1st at the Kaufman Auditorium in Bob\'s hometown, Marquette Michigan. The album is inspired by Grandma Jeanette Bernard, who is now 98 years old and is planning to be in attendance at the concert! Here is a special sneak preview just for you, Emily\'s Waltz. We are going to launch a Kickstarter campaign to support the release of this wonderful collection of tunes very soon. We will let you know as soon as the fundraising starts!

At the end of the month we are so excited to be heading East to play some shows in Vermont and upstate New York. Although the fate of the fabled Oregon-Michigan-Vermont zipline is caught in gridlock, we are flying and driving and carrying culture, ideas and inspiration between these great sister states on our own. Check out the dates to your right and if you have any friends in the area pass along the info! We\'d love to connect with some familiar faces and meet some new folks while we\'re there.

We are hosting our annual Earthwork Farm Family Weekend and we are very excited for another magical weekend! Please save the dates, June 15th, 16th and 17th and spread the word! You can find more information and register now online http://familyweekend.us/

Summer is on it\'s way and we\'ll be playing at festivals across Michigan. Looking forward to seeing you in our travels. Thank you for your continued support. Happy Springtime!

May and Seth

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The Earthwork Music collective believes in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both community and self-awareness and serves to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond.

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