Mar 25, 2012

Hello Everyone!

We are wishing you a very happy March! Looking outside it\'s hard to believe that spring is coming. We\'re finally getting the snow we\'ve been missing here at Earthwork Farm. I\'ve been happy to shovel and even getting stuck in the driveway has been a bit comforting after the warm and mild winter we\'ve had so far.

Well the past month has been full of exciting things. May spent three weeks learning how to record with pro-tools and creating a new album in Big Rapids at the Heart Center Studios. She\'s hoping to have it out by June if all goes well. It was a wonderful experience and she is excited to share it with you when it\'s ready.

While May was recording Seth ventured to the big city playing solo shows in Chicago and all over Michigan and finishing albums in Kalamazoo. He\'s been working to finish the second release of our songs inspired by our trip to Ethiopia as well as a brand new waltz release from Bob Bernard and Kailin Yong. Both albums are hopefully going to be out by June as well! Recording is in the air!

Seth has spent all week recording with our dear friends Gifts or Creatures at Miss Muse in K-zoo! They are an amazing band of amazing people. Their new album is incredible and we were so honored to be included. May got a bug and had to stay back at home, but is excited to contribute in the overdubbing process. Check out their music...

We are on our way out to the west coast for a three week tour! We are really excited to see friends and family in the Portland area and to share our music for the community there. We have a bunch of great shows you can check out to your right. Let your friends out there know we\'ll be around. We\'d love to connect.

Our events at Earthwork Farm are happening again this year! The Earthwork Family Weekend is a gathering for families to explore the arts, nature, community and susstainability together. Family Weekend will be held June 15th, 16th, 17th. For more information and to register go to The Earthwork Harvest Gathering is an amazing music festival centered around local food and local music. It is a community event to celebrate our local culture. Harvest will be September 14th, 15th, 16th for more information go to

Thanks for reading! We appreciate your support so much. We hope our paths cross soon and until then, be well!

May and Seth

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The Earthwork Music collective believes in the intrinsic and historical power of music to raise both community and self-awareness and serves to facilitate and encourage original music in the state of Michigan and beyond.

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