Earthwork Music Shines On National Television

Every Monday and Tuesday night for weeks, our Michigan community has been gathering around the glow of our TVs watching our own, Joshua Davis make his way on NBC's top rated show, the Voice. With tears and pride we cheer on one of Michigan's most treasured singer songwriters. That's our Joshua Da...


Hello Friends,

We are gearing up for the summer! The buds are about to pop and new life surrounds us. This spring feels especially warm and welcoming after a long winter. We are all doing well and little Iris is all healed up from her surgery and getting ready to walk and play. She is learning ho...

Greetings Friends!

Hope you're staying cozy out there!

We are in the final stretch of pregnancy here and wanted to let you know about the last few solo shows Seth is performing before he takes his paternity leave.

Thursday 2/20
with Joshua Davis at the Workshop Brewery in Traverse City (7pm, free)

Friday 2/21...

Happy Winter!

Greetings friends and happy winter!

First of all, thank you all so much for all of the kindness and support you have shown surrounding us being in the family way. May’s pregnancy is going well and she is healthy and strong at 26 weeks! We are keeping busy with lots of shows this month, from th...

Hello Friends and Happy Spring!

Greetings to you from Northern Michigan. There is a nice thaw happening and new green is already in the works!

Many thanks to all who contributed to another great trip out west - the shows were fun and we were grateful to see our family and friends in the Portland Area. The last few weeks have b...

Hello Friends

We wanted to wave at you as the fleeting weeks of summer bless our souls. Everyone we know is busy. Well, except for a few people. Cheers to those folks.

Our summer has been very full! Earthwork Music has released a FREE mid-summer sampler, featuring singles from the most recent half-dozen Earth...

Weekend Gigs

Hopefully you're staying cool! We just celebrated May's Dad's birthday kayaking on the cool pine river! It was a glorious day and the water was so inviting! We had a wonderful time at Blissfest and are feeling the full swing of summertime.

We try really hard to only fill your inbox once a month...

Circle of Blue honors Seth and May as two of their first 'Action Figures'

"Music is like ecology — it’s not as much about competition; it’s really about celebrating diversity and working together."

Music entwined Seth Bernard’s formative years on his family’s Earthwork Farm. "It wasn’t anything separate that was just for entertainment. It was part of our w...

May's Kickstarter - the Long Way Home

May Erlewine has been working on a new album! The album is called The Long Way Home and we are so excited to share it with all of you. Before we can do that, we need your help! By donating to this kickstarter you are helping us to get this collection of songs out into the world and that's not all...

April showers bring May flowers

Hello everyone, it\'s good to be back in Michigan. We had a wonderful trip out West, visiting the Portland area. We enjoyed lots of quality time with Seth\'s Mom and Sisters and our nephew Luke in the city and on the beautiful Oregon coast. Our shows were really fun and the rooms were filled with...

Hello Everyone!

We are wishing you a very happy March! Looking outside it\'s hard to believe that spring is coming. We\'re finally getting the snow we\'ve been missing here at Earthwork Farm. I\'ve been happy to shovel and even getting stuck in the driveway has been a bit comforting after the warm and mild winte...

February here we come!

Hello Friends and Happy February,

Snow is finally falling here in Michigan and the farm is beautiful this time of year. When we\'ve been home, we\'ve enjoyed our cozy nest and also venturing out to play in the winter wonderland. And then the snow disappears again... interesting winter. For this...

Happy Holidays!

It was a lovely November. We traveled the state and celebrated the release of New Flower (CD | MP3), our new album inspired by our January pilgrimage to Ethiopia and our work with On the Ground. It was such a joy to share the experience with so many of you who have supported us through the entire...

Welcome to Our New and Improved Website!

Thanks to maestro mr Bill Chesney of Rough Draft Designs we\'ve got new digital threads to sport here in the web world. Take a look around, we\'re still adding new stuff so make sure and check back soon. Make yourself at home!

What an amazing summer it has been, so ...

Summer is flying by!

Hello there Everyone!

Happy August... This summer has just flown by and there are moments where we can already feel the crisp breeze of fall hinting at the air. We\'re determined to get as much as we can from this hot and sunny month! Enjoying the green before it turns to red and gold.

Well, ...

Spring time has arrived!

We\'re grateful to be back in the mitten and to see the new green coming out of the earth. We\'re ready for warmer weather and are excited for our spring dates! We\'ve got some fun shows this month and in May.

We had an amazing time out east and we were so welcomed. We love it out there and hav...

Fresh Start

Hi Friends! An unseen force wiped out all our previous blog entries today.

Cheers to new beginnings! Cheers to positivity in the face of disappointment!

Power up, people! Cheers to all of you for being alive!

Make yourselves at home.

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